Me, myself & Ibiza.
Written by Eugenia Raluca Manea   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 13:08

Ibiza Dalt Vila by night

I put on the site a little bit of everything I did in my life. I think this way you will be able to know me better and appreciate the way that I evolved over the years.

After I graduated Art University I went to Rome to obtain a scholarship for a master in a school of fashion. Do not ask me why in Rome and not in Milan ... You do not look at the teeth of a the horse you receive as a gift, right?  So, I presented myself with confidence and the book full of sketches and photographs in my arms. They show me the programs, the courses etc. ... But when I showed them the book they made me the most beautiful compliment of my life: "But ... - they said-  we do not have what to teach you anymore ..."  They hardly believe that in Romania fashion is learned in an University for 4 years ... They looked at my sketches and they said " Frankly, it makes no sense to lose time with other courses when with what you already know you can be hired anywhere without problems."  If it wouldn’t happen to me I would hardly believe this myself …But it did.

Do not think that this experience made me to be presumptuous. At all the fashion houses I went in Rome they proposed to me for starting training seminars for at least 6 months. In free translation this means that I would of had the honor to work for them for free ... How I would have liked to be able to allow me this luxury ... But I came back with my feet on the Romanian ground and I continued to work for various companies.

But my life has changed completely in 2006 when I took all my courage and I became a freelancer designer. It was the most crazy and interesting adventure of my life and because of that I went in places where I did not think I will ever go. I lived and worked in Italy, France and Spain. But Ibiza was the place that changed forever my perception of life and fashion. It is a strange mixture between hippy and luxury, between silence and deafening music. A colossal difference between night and day and between summer and winter.

As myself, you probably know about Ibiza just the fact that it is the world capital of clubs and night life. At first I was shocked and I almost hated this city so different from everything I knew. But then I was amazed to discover the quiet and simple elegance of environmental Ibiza and I fall in love with it irreparably.

It is a place of contrasts, of freedom and nonconformity taken to extremes and it will always remain in one way or another my primordial source of inspiration.

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