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Written by Eugenia Raluca Manea   
Monday, 15 February 2010 17:07

Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen 2 Last Show

When I heard the news that he committed suicide I was very shocked ... I have always appreciated and admired his creations. It's true that I did not know almost anything about him.  I did not know about his drug addiction or even about his declared homosexuality. In my humble opinion he was a very discreet person in terms of his private life and he always let his creations speak in his place.

He was a wonder child of fashion, a genius awarded and applauded with frenzy and amazement at the end of each show, "the pink sheep of the family" as he called himself .... But what amazes me is the world's reaction on hearing the news.  Some Romanian "VIP's”  rushed to praise their silver purse, pink shoes and shirts that are branded McQueen but they reacted a little bit too strongly amazed by the weakness and sensitivity of their creator. As usual in Romania and probably beyond, the brand matters more than the man behind it ...

Kindness, understanding, compassion God save us all of this things !

How can this lucky and successful designer that we all respect, admire and envy and whose clothes and accessories we proudly display ostentatiously, haw can he be unhappy !  It is downright outrageous ! Unacceptable !  The whole world seems to express it’s stupor.

Sincerity, honesty and his way was too direct, unequivocal, "devoid of mystery and elegance" to take his life shocked everyone all over the world but at the same time this made them virtually mute. Haw much they would of liked another mysterious death, the discussions and their gossip if McQueen would have preferred a more "noble" journey into the other world  ... They would of enjoyed every second of uncertainty and mystery if instead of using a rope he would of  chosen to leave between us with a handful of intelligently assorted pills swallowed with French champagne... at least if he would chose an expensive drug overdose... or if he would of drown in his million dollars pool …. Anything but not such a plebeian and inappropriate choice for VIP status ...

“I wonder what the world will say! We lose the aura of gods if we do not even die nice and stylish so that we remain legends !”   That seems to be the reaction of all his colleagues in celebrity. That's what I feel in their reaction, behind the words deliberately evasive. Never mind that he was a genius, that his last collection was a triumph that excited and amazed by it’s courage, complexity, prints, colors and accessories. It matter that he "disappointed" us ... He was too human...too sensitive.

I understand him.                                                                                                                                                     

It's hard living in this frivolous world of fashion no matter how high you are. Personal happiness often does not depend on the success that we have. Sometimes it might seem paradoxical but happiness might be just inversely proportional to success. Peace of mind and inner balance are not the result of the awards, the genius or of the money. You can have everything without having that unique little thing that would really effect your existence.

I do not approve his gesture but I have to recognize that you need a big dose of courage, determination, hatred of life and of yourself to choose such a death. He lived with passion, socking by his creations and he died as well, determined, frankly, honestly and bluntly.

Hat down in front of this man and artist.

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