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Wednesday, 24 March 2010 17:14


In a strange and fleeting moment of stylistic confusion caused by the sudden separation from my fiance I bought in completely random order (actually the one in which I show them here), these three books.

I am far from being an adept of the textbooks, much less those of style but being a difficult period for me especially emotionally I tried to look for some moral support, something less harmful than chocolate ... They proved to be not nearly as exciting or as I would have liked but they definitely taught me something ... Something totally different from their intention and claims.

By the way, you do not find that the first book seem very similar with the 2nd ?  I found 3 obvious similarities at first sight : the font used for the Stile title is almost identical, the black cover and the same publisher .... Sorry, this may seem too critical, but if you read the 2 books is more than clear who from who "borrowed" ...

It is enough to read the introduction and is more than clear who was the first .... Nina Garcia first published "All About Style" in 2007 .... Delia B. only in 2008 ....

Anyway, I am not trying to denigrate anybody. it is clear as daylight that Delia B. made a huge effort to overcome Nina Garcia and succeeded with flying colors !  She managed to prove that Romanian women unquestionably rich (because they are ultimately aimed by this book) are more snob than any other nation on earth.

While sympathetic Nina Garcia gives us tips full of candor about the true immortal and highly personal style, Delia never ceases to remind us obsessively all the MUST HAVE things, the IT items and the key pieces "without which our life would simply not make sense "... I would have laughed with tears if this would not be so sad... If you want to feel completely miserable (without reason) buy her book and quickly turn to Shoes section on page 70. There she tells you how to put your shoes on the shelves in the dressing .... The first variant by color, option 2 depending on occasion ... and she culminates with the most pretentious ever Variant 3 (  ideal !!!!  In her opinion ... ) depending on the designer... one shelf Jimy Choo , one Labourtin .....  And if you're really masochistic and did not have enough yet go directly to page 91 and read the section Diamonds ...

To my surprise though I hardly claim to be a hardcore fashionista ( in fact I try to run from this label as much as I can) I had successfully passed the "test" of this “manual” and I counted several essential parts and some brands listed there in my own wardrobe, so, she certainly  cannot accuse me that I reacted as the fox that do not reach the grapes.

If, and only if, you manage to pass over the horrifying snob parts of the book, you could have something to learn from it. Do not get it in any case as a textbook, it would be stupid, take it as a collection of suggestions, and do not suffer or be complexed if you do not have all the things she tells you must have. Nor should you! You need to have only those things that make you feel good, yourself, happy in your skin.

With great warmth I recommend you the original version of Nina Garcia. It's more human, more lenient, inspired and more permissive. On page 29 is the Principle # 3, on 39 and 43 the Principle# 7 and # 8.  All really deserve to be followed. The Principle # 7 is simply liberating. Seriously!

And finally we speak of  " The Sex Bomb ".... Adorable superficially "blond" book... Obviously I would not have bought it if it did not had that particular price you can see on it’s cover... But to my amazement was more exciting and "delicious" than the other 2 serious books I mentioned before. God forbid you take the fashion examples of this book seriously , they are too extreme and spectacular most of the time, but please read and follow without shyness the advice from chapters: The Sex Bomb sexy underwear, Scarves and fichu, Scent of The Sex Bomb, Beauty of the Sexy Bomb.  It is a relaxing and adorable book from which in a paradoxical way you can learn that in order to be sexy you should be primarily natural ... The rest is funny and totally impractical but with all honesty I say that it is more interesting than I thought at first sight. O, I was almost ready to forget one important thing, as matter of fact the basic idea of the whole book and the complete otherwise of the two previous books: The Sex Bomb feels the best, most comfortable and relaxed only when ... she is naked and barefoot. Once you master the art of being yourself the rest will follow ...

Find your personal style ! Express your individuality, surpassing the limits imposed by magazines and fashion trends and not be afraid to be truly sexy. The style is immortal and it depends entirely by you.
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